Friday, December 23, 2011

Shall we date?: "KONKATSU" for marriage : Momoki Yukimura

Age: 22
Standing Height: 167cm
Frame: Skinny
Birthday: June 7th
Blood-type: B
Job: Fashion Designer
Yearly Income: Around 5-6 million yen a year.
Hobby/Specialty: People-watching
Family Structure: Father/ Mother/ Older sister
License: Motorcycle license
Cigarette: Doesn't smoke

NOTE: Extremely cute, almost like a small animal or something. He has a great sense of fashion from his time in high school,and has worked at  a brand goods company since he graduated high school. Right he is still an assistant but inside the fashion world he is already seen as a man with great prospects and is catching lots of attention. He mostly works on designs for women and has already won several contests. There is no question that he had to work hard to get all of this attention even while working inside such a successful company. He isn't the type to let this out in the open however, so you will have to learn about him one thing at a time.
-Please note, choosing certain events may effect the completion of Momoki's character album.



It's my fault.
Tell me more.
I'll be waiting
That's not true!
The bakery class                   River fishing
What did you do?                 Serves him right.
Training                                Jogging
EVENT PICTURE #3 (jogging route only)
No, you're cool.                      Thanks.
The aquarium                         The fireworks
EVENT PICTURE #4            
No I'm not.                             Sure! Let's go!
I'll play
We're like you
I'll be your fan!
But my friend…
Big step forward.
I'll email him
Not good, huh…
Don't give up!
Are you sure?
The contest.
I'm relieved.


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  1. He's my favorite besides the anime host club twins!!!!!!!