Saturday, December 17, 2011

Shall we date?: My Sweet Prince: Jun

Prince 4

Age: 23


Master Jun excels at scholarship and the martial arts. He even has political wits and knows not to get noticed by his environment. He calculates his actions and people tend to think of him as calm and collected, but he's actually one of the most overbearing ones. Once he has found his target, he will obtain it at all costs, which tends to scare people. I guess you could call him single-minded. 


This place is #1!
I thought so.
Seem eerie…
How pathetic…!
I wanted to go.
Same as always.
Oh, I love it!
Resist him.
This is wrong!
Not unusual.
This is lonely.
Can't look...
How cuuute!!
Like a good king.
Stop him!
I'll help!
I can't give up!
Look at yourself.
I have no idea!!
Confess my love.
Trust me, Jun.
Thanks to you.