Saturday, December 17, 2011

Shall we date?: My Sweet Prince: Melchiorre

Prince 1

Age: 30

Master Melchiorre takes care of his family and always keeps a close eye on everyone. He helps everyone in need and is constantly giving people advice. His kindness has won the hearts of many girls and he is hardly ever without female company. He is the first prince, making him the closest to the next king, but he keeps declining succession. His royal highness never speaks to him of this, so everyone except Master Lambert is merely looking on. 


Slap him.
But the crown…
Go just to talk.
Threaten to go.
You are very kind.
Help Melchiorre.
Say something!
It's just an act.
Do your worst.
Stop that!
Wait and watch.
It's lovely here.
He helped Chezem.
That's not true.
Go to say goodbye.
Take his hand.
Stroll the park.
You won't rule?
Write a reply.
Quietly hold him.
Don't mock me!
What to do!?


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