Friday, December 30, 2011

Shall we date?: Ninja Love : Kotaro Fuma

Job: Fuma clan
Weapon: Matchlock
Height: 186cm

An exemplary ninja, who is guaranteed to successfully complete any mission you give him. Considering the extreme difficulty of most of his tasks, this is saying enough. He doesn't talk much, and he doesn't seem to have many friends. It seems he's had a rough past... But perhaps he will open up to you, princess.


I'm aware.
No, it's fine.
Come sleep with me.
It's our chance!
I believe you.
I never said goodbye.
Who cares about a kimono?!
I just couldn't help myself.
I feel so exhausted.
Of course I worry!
I could never!
It won't help her!
Am I causing trouble?
I'm important?
Kiss him again.
I'm not special.
Can I hold your hand?
I thought at least 10 or more…
I'm sorry.
I'll get help!
I know.


Side Stories

Female Ninja Training
      Thank him

On the Road to Happiness
      I love you

Mission Adorable
      Don't apologize!

Sweet Ceremony
      Don't be stupid!

Mission Adorable 2
      Don't apologize!

Sweet Honeymoon
      I'll tell Kotaro there's the pirate

Romantic Festival
      Were you watching?

Enchanted Princess
      I was so scared...!

Temptation Love

      I wouldn't know


  1. Kotaro fuma reminds me of me a little

  2. cant you put up the super happy ending

    1. This is the super happy ending! XP

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    3. i know what you are saying, all these answers are giving me the "close!" and not the "brilliant!" like it should. At this rate i wont make it to the super happy ending

  3. thank you do you have one of sasuke?

  4. Thanks! But it's a pitty those are the "Close" answers but not the "Brilliant" ones, I supose that's the way to get the super happy ending that Mitsuki said

  5. Thanks! But it's a pitty those are the "Close" answers but not the "Brilliant" ones, I supose that's the way to get the super happy ending that Mitsuki said

  6. WAAAHHH! I followed everything, but I didn't get Picture #3 though <//3
    Anyways, thanks for posting this! I lurve it!

  7. I followed all the answers and I never got a brilliant answer or the pictures /: it makes me sad ;-;

  8. If you did the free version of Ninja Love, these answers would have ended in the super happy ending. However using these same answers for Ninja Love+ seem to only result in "close" opposed to "Brilliant" which is real annoying as it is the same story in both Ninja Love and Ninja Love+.

  9. It's the same for Ninja Love and Ninja Love+. It's the answers which are wrong for both. I'm playing Goemon in Ninja Love and the answers's wrong too.

  10. ONEGAI !!! can you help me which one is the "close" option for event pic no 4&5 I really really need it cause I play the ninja love+ T-T SO SAD

  11. This is walkthrough for Ninja Love (for-gree) and Ninja Love+. They are really different from the ones for non-gree version...

    1. Too much responsibility
    2. I’m used to it
    3. Alright…
    4. Thank you
    5. Stop it!
    6. It’s scary, but no other choice
    7. Don’t say that!
    8. It’s nothing
    9. Don’t talk
    10. No I’m not
    11. I’m going to bed
    12. Please get some rest
    13. Alright
    14. Why are you so eager to die?
    15. Liar!
    16. Are you sure?
    17. I’m not going anywhere
    18. W… W… WHAT?!
    19. No
    20. Thank you
    21. We are both Shy!
    22. I’m sorry
    23. What about you?
    24. Just let me stay this way
    25. Are you OK?
    26. …

    1. this is the super happy ending right?

    2. For-gree and for Ninja Love+ these are the right answers

  12. Thank you so much! :)
    And please help me!
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    Add me :D

    And ninja love + id: CBjYyYxXk0

  13. Both versions are different. i played Saizo once for the free chapter (where there is only Saizo's character) and the one for Gree. I got all of the pictures on the 1st game. so i answered the Gree's game with the same exact answer. But i didnt get any pictures, and the answers are all close =((

  14. I'm trying to play the paid version side stories, but I can only go as far as the purchase screen. How do I open the stories???

  15. Which version are you trying to play? There's an older version of Ninja love that you can only play the main routes and none of the extra guys.