Friday, December 30, 2011

Shall we date?: Ninja Love : Saizo Kirigakure

Job: Koga ninja
Weapon: Sickle & chain
Height: 182cm

A master of disguise, and more intangible than fog. He is especially adapt at infiltrating enemy territory and gathering intelligence by using disguises. He may feel cold and distant, but he takes good care of his subordinates, and he is generally well-liked.



Help out
Turn away
Just stay put
Yeah, but...
I understand
Hug him too
Don't worry!
Put on a brave front
We're not done yet...!
I don't want you to get injured!
I'll fight too
Hold his hand
... ... ...
Nobody will die
It's everyone's combined effort
Hug him
I dunno...
You can't!
Let's escape
Look for something
Me first
Deny it
Jump out!



  1. i love saizo! haha he is awsome :3

  2. For some reason I don't obtain the event picture 2, 4 & 5 and I have follow the route exactly.

    1. Oh i also didn't get the second picture although my answers were good ; ;

    2. I just went through it again and I got them just fine, but I'll try it again.

  3. I love saizo.. haha... I cried when Saizo is poisoned by that ninja women.. T_T hey...about the picture, I don't have number 5 and 6.. O_O I'm not use a walkhtrough.. maybe I should try again to have another ending.. :D

  4. in the other anime Saizo not wearing a mask.. :D still handsome though.. <3

  5. Saizo is so cool >.< Oh my I love u so much :-(( I wish ur real :-((

  6. I didn't obtain many CGs though I followed the route exactly... TT_TT
    Do we require to delete the message "Delete this when you're read it" to obtain the CGs?

  7. I followed the story plot just as it's posted but it's telling me my answers are close and I'm not receiving the pictures. But every other walk through I've looked for as the same answered so I'm pretty sure they changed the answers or something.

    But it is a super cute story either way.

    1. Same with me! I don't know if I should just go with my own answers... Because I want to get "Brilliant"s but I also want the CGs. But for some reason I'm not getting some of them.

    2. What version are you playing? because the Ninja Love+ / the free version still using the gree answer. and the gree version are different from the payed one

  8. Actually, these answers only give you 'close' when you should be getting 'brilliant' and when you choose the answer that gives you 'brilliant' you get CGs.

  9. New players get special bonuses! :D
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    And ninja love + id: CBjYyYxXk0

  10. For everyone that is having a bit of trouble, these answers are for the PAID version NOT Gree. The correct answers vary between the two.